Rossi d’Angera

Category: Art Direction Packaging

Year: 2021


Marco Vagnetti

Rossi d’Angera is a historic distillery founded in 1847, 175 years of activity always run by the same family, which has handed down craft traditions and age-old recipes over the years for 6 generations. A unicum that distinguishes the company in the panorama of historic Italian distilleries. The high quality standard of Rossi d’Angera products has always been recognized and rewarded: from the Seal of the Royal House of Savoy, to the numerous Golden Stills attributed to the famous grappas, up to the highest international awards, such as the prestigious IWSC competition in London. The historicity and consequently the secular heritage, the very high quality of the artisan product and the processed raw materials, the PREMIUM range of distillates, the territorial and landscape context of great beauty and value are the strengths considered to elevate the company’s positioning. studio FM milano worked over 2 years refreshing the application guidelines enhancing the tradition and of the decorative and illustrated elements of the company’s heritage. Restyling and coordinated alignment of the labels of some historic liqueurs (Amaro, Spitz, Bitter, Cedro, etc…). For the new Gin Latitudine 45 products and the new Negroni d’Angera line, graphic design of the labels, packaging and box set.