Category: Art Direction Brand Identity Logo

Year: 2020


Carlo Ratti Associati + Italo Rota

With the support of:

World Economic Forum: COVID-19 Action Platform, and Cities, Infrastructure and Urban Services Platform.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, an international task force of designers, engineers, medical professionals, and military experts have joined forces to work on CURA, an open-source project aimed at capacity building in Intensive-Care Units (ICU). The first prototype of CURA, whose name stands for Connected Units for Respiratory Ailments, uses repurposed shipping containers to create plug-in biocontainment pods that can be quickly deployed in cities around the world, promptly responding to the shortage of ICU space in hospitals and the spread of the disease.


CURA pods are being conceived as a ready-to-use solution. Shipping containers can easily be moved through different modes of transport – from ship to rail to truck – and re-used in different parts of the world, adapting to the needs and capacity of the local healthcare infrastructure. CURA is developed in an open-source, non-for-profit framework and solicits suggestions and improvements.